Midjourney V6 Now Available!

Midjourney V6 represents a significant update to the text-prompt-based artificial intelligence (AI) image generation model. This version introduces new features and improvements, significantly enhancing user experience and creative potential.

Key Features

  1. Improved Prompt Following and Coherence:

    • Enhanced understanding of complex prompts for more coherent and relevant image generation.
    • Captures the essence of scenes with high fidelity to the user’s intent.
  2. Enhanced Remixing and Image Prompting:

    • Simplified remixing and modification of existing images for creative variation.
    • Encourages iterative design, allowing users to refine outcomes.
  3. Basic Text Drawing Ability:

    • Generates images with integrated text for diverse design opportunities.
    • Enables the creation of typographic art and text-focused visuals.
  4. Advanced Upscaling Options:

    • Offers “subtle” and “creative” upscaling for enhanced resolution and detail.
    • “Subtle” mode maintains original aesthetics, while “creative” mode adds artistic flair.

Prompting Guidelines

  1. Adapt to V6’s Unique Prompting Style:

    • Adjust prompting methods to suit V6’s capabilities.
    • Avoid vague terms that may confuse the model.
  2. Be Specific and Explicit in Prompts:

    • Use detailed language for more accurate and relevant outputs.
    • Describe visual elements with clarity.
  3. Utilize the “–style raw” Argument:

    • Employ this argument for less interpretive, more photographic results.
  4. Experiment with “–stylize” Values:

    • Lower values improve accuracy; higher values enhance aesthetics.

Community Standards

  1. Stricter Enforcement of Community Guidelines:

    • Increased realism leads to more stringent community standards.
  2. Responsibility and Ethical Considerations:

    • Emphasize responsible usage, copyright respect, and inclusive content.


Midjourney V6 is in alpha testing, available to existing users, with ongoing developments expected.


Midjourney V6 is a transformative step in AI-generated imagery, offering users the tools to unleash their creativity and promising future advancements in digital art, design, and visual communication.